RDRP’s revises Durango shock cap & nut


RDRP TD Shock Accessories

Revolution Design Racing Products introduce the Team Durango aluminium big bore (lower) shock cap and preload nut R2 set. The revised parts are of an updated design to allow for a more convenient ride height adjustment, and to create improved looks.

RDRP0054R2-1 RDRP0054R2-3 RDRP0054R2-5 RDRP0054-R2-4

The aluminium preload nuts are now modeled after RDRP’s popular Kyosho RB6 parts to make for ever better grip when adjusting the spring preload, while the updated lower shock caps cover the machined recession that is not used when leaving the shock boots off. This makes for an overall sleeker look, and easier cleaning. All parts are made from high quality 7075-T6 aluminium, the preload nuts are gold anodized, while the shock caps are black in color. Included with the set also come suitable rubber O-rings for the preload nuts.

Source: RDRP