Agama releases the new A215 1/8 buggy



After months of testing and preparation, Agama Racing has officially released the A215 1/8 Nitro Buggy. The A215 takes all the great attributes of the previous A8 platform, and builds upon them to bring a new level of performance. Taking the inherent strength and durability of the A8, the new A215 improves those features and after extensive testing from Agama’s international team of drivers, the A215 represents a marked improvement in terms of handling, stability, traction and jumping.

Agama A215

Incorporating new weight distribution, suspension geometry, and steering among many other features all painstakingly refined throughout the course of the development period, the A215 has evolved into a race winning product. To prove the point, Darren Bloomfield was able to take the BRCA National title in the UK, and a podium finish at the European Championships while driving the evolving prototype of the A215 buggy.

Source: Agama