RCN Review: ‘MoGrip’ Traction Additive


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When it comes to offroad racing, one of the more controversial racing tactics is the use of traction additives. Many believe it makes no significant difference, others say it is the key to winning races, while some believe it is cheating and should be outlawed. Despite the controversy among the use of traction additives in offroad R/C racing, the production of such substances has never been bigger. New companies, blends, and brands have surfaced one after another in recent years. Some are simply home cooked trial and error recipes, while others are extensively tested and scientifically engineered chemical potions. One of the newer potions on the American west coast is known as ‘MoGrip’. The ‘Mo Grip’ tire traction additive is the number one choice of racers at tracks such as AMain.com’s Outback Raceway. While not exactly on the west coast, we were fortunate enough to get our hands on our own bottle of MoGrip to see what all of the scuttle is about.


MoGrip is sold in three different options; Option 1: A standard plastic bottle with screw on lid, Option 2: A standard plastic bottle with flip cap, or Option 3: Flip cap bottle with application brush included. MoGrip was formulated after a year of testing across northern California, and is designed primarily for offroad racing on clay surfaces, but also is said to offer quicker ‘break in’ of new tires, and even works for rubber tire asphalt onroad racing.

A major concern of most tire additive users is the stink the chemical combo puts off. Some have gone as far as saying the smell of certain additives have actually sent them home from the track terribly sick. MoGrip features a tolerable scent

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When it comes to testing tire additives, there are several major areas. First we tested the MoGrip by simply opening the bottle and taking a whiff of the aroma it puts off. A major concern of most tire additives is the stink that the chemical combo puts off. Some have gone as far as saying the smell of certain additives have actually sent them home from the track terribly sick. MoGrip doesn’t smell like your girlfriend’s perfume, but it definitely is not as pungent or sickening to smell as many other brands on the market.

Next we tested the application process. Our personal favorite way of application is using a dauber style lid, however, that is not an option at this time with MoGrip. So we chose to go with MoGrip’s flip cap and application brush for a whopping $.99 more. The flip cap and brush are WELL worth the extra change. The cap secures nicely and does not leak in your pit box. The application brush is soft enough not to fling additive three pit spaces over when applying, and allows for quick coverage of your tires.

 (Factory-RC driver, Jason Moberly, explains proper MoGrip application.)

Last, but not least, we tested whether or not the MoGrip potion really works. First we started with two sets of new tires. We MoGrip-ed one set, and left the other additive free. New tires at our test facility work terribly, therefore a quick break is what we were hoping for. Our hopes became a reality as MoGrip worked it’s magic to break in the tires within two 5-minute runs. The additive free tires took four 5-minute runs and quick lap in the parking lot to break in.

Next we tested whether MoGrip really provides more traction. Our first attempt we slapped on some MoGrip and immediately hit the track. We quickly learned that MoGrip is NOT designed to be used last minute before your race. This gave the car a flat tire feeling for several laps until the wet MoGrip flew off. Our next attempt we applied the MoGrip 30-minutes before our race, and thoroughly worked it into the tires using the application brush until it was soaked in (the point at which it’s hard to tell whether or not you even applied additive). This technique hit right on the money, as the flat tire feeling was gone, and the car felt very stable, consistent, and planted to the ground.

So what do we think of MoGrip? MoGrip, like ALL traction additives, is not designed to magically keep you from crashing and win every race. It is designed to help aid in providing you with a consistent and stable feeling car…the driving is up to you. Does it magically make you feel like you’re driving on Velcro? No. Does it considerably help aid in the break in of new tires, and offer more consistent grip and stability on many indoor clay surfaces as advertised? Yes. Like any additive, MoGrip may or may not work at your local track, but at only $10-11, it is now among our top choices of additives to try when looking for that little extra edge on the competition.

PS> Did we mention no one complained about the smell, claimed to fall sick, or called from their death bed after we conducted our MoGrip tire experiment? In our opinion, this is quite an accomplishment in a world of sensitive bodied R/C car racers.

Manufacturer: Factory-RC
Website: www.Factory-RC.com
Price: Starting at $9.95