ProTek heats up with new ‘Blue Flame’


Blue Flame has released the ProTek R/C ‘Blue Flame’ Engine Heater. ProTek R/C’s ‘Blue Flame’ Engine Heater effectively pre-heats the critical internal parts of your nitro engine, resulting in significantly reduced wear and unnecessary stress when compared to ‘cold starting’. The engine’s crankshaft, connecting rod, piston and sleeve all benefit and will last much longer when pre-heated regularly with the ProTek R/C Blue Flame Engine Heater. An access port atop the Blue Flame allows you to easily start your engine and monitor temperatures while in use; a red LED is always illuminated during the heating process. As a safety measure, a 10-minute timer shuts off the Blue Flame automatically—simply push the power button again for another 10-minute heat period if the engine has not reached its optimum temperature.

Pre-heated engines start easier and smoother, which also reduces the stress put on starter boxes. Racers who have tested the Blue Flame report improved fuel consumption due to shorter on-track warm-up times.


The Blue Flame is highly recommended for new engines or newly rebuilt mills due to the heating process’s temporary reduction of mechanical “pinch,” allowing for much easier and safer startups. You’ve already invested hundreds in your racing mill and now it’s time to protect that investment with the ProTek R/C Blue Flame.



  • 10-minute safety timer turns heater off automatically
  • LED indicates status of the engine heater
  • 12V DC power source compatible with voltage cutoff
  • 3S 11.1V LiPo battery compatible
  • Access port allows you to start and monitor your engine temperature without removing the heater
  • Bult-in temperature sensor to control heater power output
  • Fire and heat-resistant adjustable cover
  • Fits all .19 – .26 nitro engines
  • Small, lightweight and compact for quick and easy storage
  • High-efficiency heat transfer design

For a limited time, the ProTek R/C Blue Flame is on sale for $39.99 through Dec. 15.

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