Yokomo updates the YRF Formula car


Yokomo F1

The Yokomo YRF Formula 001W competition formula chassis kit has been updated with a new Rear Friction Tube Damper system! The new Rear Friction Tube Damper design employed in this new kit is based on the same system that has been tried and battle-tested on the latest model of the world champion winning R12 platform — the R12C3.1. By equipping the YRF Formula 001W with the new Rear Friction Tube Damper system, the overall weight is reduced and the side-to-side balance has improved, allowing better control and sharper turn maneuvers.


The kit comes with two types of front suspension arms to support both foam and rubber tires. The wide specification suspension arms are used with foam tires to enjoy the corner driving characteristics, while the narrow specification suspension arms are used with rubber tires to enjoy the realistic appearance of formula racing. With out-of-the-box support for both foam and rubber tires, the YRF Formula 001W can be compatible with various tracks and racing regulations.


  • Flex-plate front suspension
  • Includes both narrow and wide front suspension arms
  • Pivot ball link type rear suspension
  • 3mm-thick graphite main chassis
  • Lengthwise battery layout for enhanced driving characteristics
  • Black-anodized motor mount and left bulkhead
  • Flex-floating bulkhead
  • High-capacity “X” shocks
  • Rear friction tube dampers
  • Large-diameter ball differential
  • Aluminum diff-joint and left hub
  • Graphite rear shaft
  • Support for crank-type steering system (optional)
  • Molded-plastic front and rear wings

YRF-001RF_02 YRF-001RF_03 YRF-001RF_04 YRF-001RF_05 YRF-001RF_06 YRF-001RF_07 YRF-001RF_08 YRF-001RF_09

Source: Yokomo