VBC unleashes the Lightning12 V2



Based on the race proven Lightning12, VBC Racing has released the all-new Lightning12 V2. The new V2 kit includes a list of upgrade parts and new updates to further enhance the Lightning12’s performance. New ultra composite materials improve handling, aluminum shock mounts and body adjusters enhance durability, titanium nitride coated pins and shock shafts enhance consistent performance, and the list goes on and on. 

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Lightning12 V2 Features:

  • Composite V2 suspension parts for zero slop and precious handling
  • Aluminum alloy shock mount with intergraded antenna mount for fiberglass anti rollover antenna (sold separately)
  • Titanium nitride coated kingpin, arm pin and shock shaft for long life and smooth operation
  • Anodized aluminum alloy body height adjuster
  • 2.5mm carbon fiber chassis
  • Offset inline battery placement for better balance and weight transfer
  • Aluminum alloy servo mount design to accept different servos
  • Fully adjustable front end
  • CNC-machined lowered front arm bulkheads for precise building and adjustment
  • CNC-machined aluminum caster blocks for durability and to stiffen the upper arm
  • Reactive caster adjustments 7.5, 5.0, or 2.5
  • Precise machined front axles
  • Front ride-height adjustability with one piece shims
  • Front upper brace to reduce flex for tuning for different track condition
  • Aluminum turnbuckles for adjustment and durability
  • DM12 center shock designed for super smooth dampening, fully adjustable, and long shock
  • Aluminum hard anodized shock body
  • Aluminum shock cap
  • Soft silicone bladder
  • Soft silicone o-rings
  • Aluminum lightweight rear bulkheads with simple ride height adjuster
  • Open rear motor mount design for easy access for brushless operation
  • 2.5mm carbon fiber cross brace for support from side hits and flex
  • Super smooth and slop free VBC Racing Center pivot
  • Side links made of a special VBC Racing blend to give maximum durability and a slop-free fit
  • Side springs can be mounted 2 different positions to suit different racing condition
  • Laterally mounted dampening tubes for smooth side to side dampening making the car easier to drive and easier to work on
  • Rear carbon fiber axle with lightened alloy right and left hubs for minimum rotating mass

Source: VBC Racing