The RatRace Summer Series concludes



The RatRace Series had 4 rounds of indoor carpet racing throughout the summer and the final round was held not long ago. Our good friend and event organizer, Tom How, has shared an in depth report from the final round of the exciting series in Turkey!

“On Saturday we ran SCT 2wd as a support race to the 4WD Series, this was the second support race as we are trying to promote 2wd SCT as a new class for people to join and have fun. We also ran the 2WD Super Stock race on Sunday.

The final round of the 4WD Series was to be a close one as Tom How was leading the championship by 2 points to a hard chasing Kayhan Ketenci, Kayhan needed to win and Tom How would need to come 3rd for Kayhan to secure the championship so everything to lose for both drivers.

Qualifying was to be a mixed result as the top 3 drivers Tom How, Kayhan and Tolga Maşraf were to win one round each, Kayhan managed to get TQ as he had completed 19 laps and Tom was to be 2nd.

In the finals Kayhan secured the first 2 wins with Tom 2nd so the championship was secured for Tom, the last round was to be a great race between the two drivers as now the championship was over there was nothing to lose, it was a hard fought battle with Tom coming 1st and securing 19 laps and fastest time over 19 laps for the day, Kayhan secured fastest lap of the day in the race so a great finale.

20 4wd championship 123 19 4wd race day 123

Positions of race day:

  1. Kayhan Ketenci Team Durango
  2. Tom How Team Xray XB4
  3. Tolga Maşraf Sworkz S104

Summer Series Championship Results:

  1. Tom How Team
  2. Kayhan Ketenci
  3. Sedat Ekşi
  4. Cabir Ozcivan
  5. Tolga Maşraf
  6. Ramazan Akin
  7. Kemal Öztürk
  8. 8th Kemal Arabacı

Let me start by saying great fun was had by all drivers and it created a lot of interest in the SCT 2wd class, the club has decided to make this a free to enter class until numbers grow to try and entice more drivers.

Qualifying was to be all dominated by Tom How winning all 3 rounds with Mert Köroğlu 2nd and Erdar Zengin 3rd all running Serpent Spyder SCT. The final was much the same with Tom How 1st, Mert Köroğlu 2nd and Erdar Zengin 3rd. Great racing and great fun for all drivers.

23 sct 2wd 123 22 sct 2wd 123

Final positions SCT:

  1. Tom How Serpent Spyder SCT
  2. Mert Köroğlu Serpent Spyder SCT
  3. Erdar Zengin Serpent Spyder SCT

Unfortunately there was some bad news on 2wd Sunday, as Deniz Aksüt who was tying the lead with Alain Sarafyan had to leave for his Army duty and this meant he missed the final race and all hope of winning the championship, we wish the Serpent driver luck and cannot wait for his return to us in May 2015 for more racing.
With this it was Alain who had now got 2 other drivers within one point of him, Murat Yazıcı Serpent and Nebi Akgün who were both on 306 points with Alain on 307 points so the championship was far from over.

We ran 8 drivers in each group and 3 groups so game on, qualifying was to be dominated by Alain Sarafyan and his Losi 22 winning all 3 rounds to TQ.

The finals were great races and we had some real excitement in all 3 rounds, but dominating was Alain Sarafyan with some great runs and excellent driving, a well deserved win.

24 2wd race day 123 25 2wd championship 123 28 2wd cars

The race day results A-Final:

  1. Alain Sarafyan Team Losi
  2. Murat Yazıcı Serpent
  3. Cengiz Gökbulut Team Losi
  4. Nebi Akgün Yokomo
  5. Tom How Serpent
  6. Cem Nızamoğulları Serpent
  7. Kerem Duzgit Serpent
  8. Tolga Yılmaz Yokomo

Summer Series Championship results:

  1. Alain Sarafyan Team Losi
  2. Murat Yazıcı Serpent
  3. Nebi Akgün Yokomo
  4. Cengiz Göbulut Team Losi
  5. Tom How Serpent
  6. Cem Nızamoğulları Serpent
  7. Tolga Yilmaz Yokomo
  8. Selçuk Özşener Serpent
  9. Kartal Kama Team Losi
  10. Suat Bayrakal Yokomo

A great Summer Series was drawn to an end with an exciting climax to both 4WD and 2WD buggy classes. Roll on the Winter Series which started on November 29th.”

RatRacers RC Club would like to thank the Series sponsors for their continued support:

  • Fen Bilimleri School (A big thanks for the venue)

Source: RatRacers RC Club