Serpent UK splits down the middle


Serpent UK Split

To cater in the best possible way for all Serpent R/C racers in the UK and Ireland, Serpent has split the distribution in the UK-Ireland into an offroad and onroad side. The new distribution plan will take full effect in March of 2015. 

Serpent UK Onroad:
The longtime Serpent overall distributor headed by John Russell, will continue with and focus on the onroad side in which he and his company specialise since 1980 onwards. Until March, 2015 he will continue to support the offroad side, to create a smooth transfer of offroad affairs to the new offroad distributor, and keep current customers well serviced. The focus on the onroad side will show an even more intensive campaign to grow the already large Serpent fan-base with GP and EP onroad cars.

Serpent UK Offroad
This company is headed by Tony Evdoka, and he will focus fully on the offroad side of the market, with 1/10 electric, as well as all 1/8 offroad cars, EP and GP. Tony will also race the Serpent range of offroad cars. The Serpent Line includes 12 offroad cars already, with more being introduced in 2015!

Serpent says, “We like to thank John Russell and his team for the past years promoting also the offroad Serpent sales and wish them all success to focus on the onroad side, and wish Tony Evdoka all success with his campaign to bring the Serpent brand more forward in the UK and Ireland also on the offroad side.”

R/C Dealers in the UK will be receiving updated documentation from both companies in the coming months.