Rino Lino sweeps the Capricorn Cup


Rino Lino

Last weekend hosted the Capricorn Cup in Merida, Mexico. The event gathered racers from all across Mexico, and attracted a good amount of local media coverage, and support from the city of Merida. Qualifying saw Rino Lino taking the TQ honors in both nitro 200mm and electric 190mm sedan classes. After some hard fought battles, and very close racing, Lino would carry on his winning ways to take the overall victory in both class finals.


Nitro Sedan 200mm Top 3:

  1. Rino Lino
  2. Luis Hidalgo
  3. Manuel Ortiz


Electric Sedan 190mm Top 3:

  1. Rino Lino
  2. Humberto Marin
  3. Alberto Caceres