AMain’s new EcoPower ‘Sling Shot’ 17.5


Sling Shot has officially launched their all-new EcoPower ‘Sling Shot’ 17.5 brushless competition motor. The EcoPower’s ‘Sling Shot’ 17.5 has been designed in house by pro racers for racers, to deliver maximum power. Although “outlaw” fast, it’s ROAR Spec approved. Today’s spec class racers need a standout motor to be competitive, and the Sling Shot delivers at a very affordable price of $69.99.

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At the core of the Sling Shot is a 12.5mm torque rotor that has been optimized for bottom-end punch and pulling super-tall gear ratios spec racers are accustomed to running. A true powerhouse with adjustable timing, the Sling Shot also boasts an anodized green, machined aluminum can. Six air vents in the front endbell help keep the motor cool when you’re pushing your car to the limits.

A tough 200mm braided sensor wire is included. Two sensor ports allow you to route the wire in a number of configurations to ensure it stays out of harms way.

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