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Dialed Setups

When travelling to a new track, there is nothing worse than travelling hours and hours to show up and find your car has the worst possible setup for that particular track. Not to mention the overflowing notebooks it takes to keep track of all your setup changes, specific track setups, and notes. All of that is a thing of the past, as Dialed Setups is born! Dialed Setups is an online site and mobile app for racers of all skill levels to share their setups, tips, tricks, and more.

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Dialed Setups creator Leon Mcintosh says, “The intent behind Dialed Setups is to replace the notebook in your pit box, and create a community around sharing setup information. All too often you see in the forums someone new to a car or track asking, “Hey what’s a good setup for my track?” Dialed Setups allows you to create and track your own setup sheets for reference at home or trackside. It allows you to share your setup sheets through Facebook and email as well. We have built it so that all of the “public” setups are in one database that can be searched by a number of filters so that racers can drill down to the setups that match their racing conditions. You can also find racers that you know, and view their setup sheets. So if you know they are fast you can see what they are running. Currently there is a full tuning guide on the site, and more is coming. Coming soon is the Nitro Run Time Calculator (already on mobile), Gear Calculator, Spring Charts, and much more.”

Don’t blame a lousy setup for poor results ever again, get the setup info and help you need HERE!