Olly takes two at BRCA 1/12 opener


Olly Jeffries

Round one of the 2014-15 BRCA 1/12 Nationals took place in West Kent, UK. With a full entry for round one it was shaping up to be a great event and season. The popularity of 1/12 in the UK has increased over the past two seasons which is great to see for one of R/C racing’s oldest class.

Saturday would see four rounds of qualifying and one final for all competitors split across two classes, 10.5 blinky and 13.5 blinky. In the 10.5 class Olly Jefferies took his X12 to fastest time in every qualifying round to eventually line up on pole by four seconds with multiple world champion David Spashett lining up in second, the top two were a lap clear of third place Mark Stiles. The final was a lights to flag victory for Olly with the biggest battle being for second place, David Spashett made a mistake early on allowing Stiles through and although David tried his best to find a way past, Mark held onto second place to the end.

10.5 Blinky Results:

  1. Olly Jefferies
  2. Mark Stiles
  3. David Spashett
  4. Daniel Holmes
  5. Mick Farrell

Sunday would see the classes split between Open Mod and 10.5 Blinky but keeping the same format as the previous day. Olly Jefferies once again led the way and took the fastest time in every round of qualifying to line up on pole with Mark Stiles having a great run lining up second. The open modified A final unfortunately got cut short due to the carpet being pulled up in one area of the track, with no time to re run the race the positions were taken from the lap previous. Olly once again took the win with David Spashett second and Mark Stiles in third.

Open Modified Results:

  1. Olly Jefferies
  2. David Spashett
  3. Mark stiles
  4. Chris Kerswell
  5. Matt White

Source: XRAY