Team Durango making changes for 2015


Team Durango 2015 Plans

Shortly after Ryan Lutz announcing his departure from the Team Durango squad, the company has shared their plans for 2015. With multiple new products in the works (including the DNX8), Team Durango has said their focus will be towards customer/racer support in 2015.

“The race scene is changing and that requires a change of strategy to best meet the needs of our hugely valued customers.”

Team Durango says, “Local racers are getting more sophisticated, more knowledgeable, local racing is getting tougher, the thirst for knowledge at this level has never been higher; social media and information sharing between our customers is now the norm. At the same time the big national and international events are often becoming less relevant to our customers. We all love to watch the Pros battle it out at the big events, but do these one off races help us make a good product for you? Upon reflection we don’t think so; testing, analysis and hard work do.

With the World Championships behind us, the new season and exciting product ahead, it’s time for Team Durango to re-focus on product development and helping you win at your local track, rather than having paid Pro racers competing for national and International titles.”

Team Durango has released the following plans for 2015:

  • We will re-focus on local club racing; we will help you be part of a supportive Team Durango community. This will mean over the next few months we dissolve our Pro race team and replace it with a new race team program that helps support local racing.
  • We will continue to improve our parts support over the coming months to allow you to get everything you need, exactly when you need it.
  • We will increase our community support through social media and public R/C forums to give you access to everything you need, to get the very most from Team Durango products. We will increase the opportunities for you to stay connected with other Team Durango racers, sharing your experiences and learning new skills from like-minded racers. We will overhaul our local team driver program; expect more news on this soon.
  • We will release 5 all-new Team Durango cars over the coming months, including our exciting and innovative Patent Pending 1/8 Electric and Nitro Buggy platforms. These exciting vehicles further cement our commitment to a solid future of racing and development for Team Durango.
  • We will stay committed to creating high-quality, cutting-edge, R/C racing products, which always look cool and are always hot on the track.
  • We will continue to develop all of our cars via ongoing testing and user feedback, as we have always done, but more so. We will maintain a strong line-up of precision racing machines that cater for the most popular R/C disciplines.

It seems as though Team Durango is definitely headed in a new direction, and we are anxious to see their extensive list of plans for 2015 unfold.

Source: Team Durango