Imbue goes 1/10 scale with brass pistons


Imbue Brass Pistons

Riding on the success of their 1/8 shock pistons, Imbue is proud to announce the release of their 1/10 Brass 12mm offroad shock pistons. These pistons offer many of the same characteristics of their large scale pistons, including better bump handling, plusher landings and smoother vehicle response. Initially available in 3 x 1.35mm hole configuration, the hole selection works well on both outdoor and indoor tracks, with tapered holes on one side to allow tuning for faster rebound or dampening. Included are standard and tight fit sealing bands for a perfect fit to eliminate blow-by and friction. Fits TLR, Associated, Kyosho and other brands that utilize a 3.0mm mounting shaft.

Source: Imbue