Sneak peek at new JConcepts rubber?


JC Tires


JConcepts recently released their all-new TLR 22 mid-motor ‘Finnisher’ body, but that may not be the only thing revealed in the recent release. Upon further inspection of the new body photos provided by JConcepts, a good friend of ours may have discovered a little something extra. If you look closely at the tires equipped on the press release TLR 22, you will see that these are in fact a tread like no other currently available from JConcepts.

0283_800px_13 0283_800px_3

These new tires appear to be new bar-style treaded tires, featuring vertical bars in addition to the traditional horizontal bar design found on the Barcodes. A social media post by JConcepts very own Jason Ruona has confirmed that these are in fact new tires, however, we are left at this time with little details of what to expect from them. Stay tuned, as we suspect it won’t be long before Ruona’s latest creations are officially released.