JConcepts ‘Finnishes’ the TLR 22 2.0 MM


JConcepts TLR 22 Finnisher

The JConcepts design team has spent many hours in development with Ryan Maifield to develop a hot, new style body, specifically for the TLR 22 2.0 vehicle. The Finnisher for the 22 is a completely tightened design, slimming the overall look of the popular vehicle. JConcepts knows 1/10 offroad, and coming off the recent success of the Finnisher bodies, the designers adapted elements from the current fleet to create the ultimate high-grip, mid-motor body design.


The Finnisher sports a smoother high-speed transition with increased flow past the side-pods that lends itself perfect to high-speed circuits. A single angle starting near the steering assembly ending at the widest point in the middle of the chassis adds driving consistency and improved “at-speed” handling. As track conditions have advanced through additives, treatments and maintenance, the ultimate aero package flows through the turns, produces traction and jumps with consistency. During the most critical moments, the Finnisher has very stable driving characteristics that can translate into efficient qualifying and main event results.

When painted and detailed, the new body looks aggressive, and sets off any new vehicle with a distinct JConcepts style. The Finnisher is capped off with a center roof channel for high-speed tracking stability, increased roof stiffness and dual side window treatment. The body includes two of the most popular 1/10th off-road wings on the market, the 6.5” Hi-Clearance wing. It is recommended to mount the body with hook and loop tape (not included) to 4 attachment points along the chassis. Secure along the widest side of the chassis and just slightly behind the cut-outs for the steering bell-crank assembly on each side of the vehicle.

The Finnisher for the 22 2.0 is a winner straight out the package. Recently, Ryan Maifield took a TQ and 1st place at the 2014 Fall Indoor Nationals in Fitchburg, Massachusetts using the Finnisher.


  • JConcepts Finnisher styling
  • Forward cab bias, channeled roof
  • Tightened side-pods with down-force rake
  • Double V-step feature
  • Clear polycarbonate with protective film
  • Includes window mask and decal sheet

Source: JConcepts