First look at the new IGT8 GT Pro kit


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IGT8 is a new company to hit the R/C industry, providing GT onroad racers a “one stop shop” for all their needs. After years of being involved in the GT scene, IGT8 has decided to enter into the growing GT class with a chassis kit of their own; the IGT8 GT PRO.  Knowing what it takes to win as well as just go out and have fun, the founders of IGT8 are also the same team that has won the “Pan American Race” held in Homestead, Florida since its existence. After being involved as hobbyist, using other brands and self made conversions, it was time to find a solid platform to start making the next generation GT. The IGT8 team will debut the new car at the 2014 ROAR Nationals being held next week at the famous Fort Myers track in Florida where IGT8 is one of the official sponsors.


Source: IGT8