Bittydesign unleashes the Monza-L8


Bittydesign Monza-L8

Bittydesign has just released their all-new Monza-L8 body, designed for 1/8 onroad racing. The body is designed to provide efficient steering, while also providing a very easy to drive feel to your car. During testing, the body is said to have provided consistent speed, traction, and handling. The body is available in your choice of .75mm or 1mm polycarbonate material, and includes protective film, window masks, and decal sheet. The Monza-L8 is EFRA and ROAR approved.

Side-1024 Rear-Up-1024 Front-Up-1024 Front3_4-1024

Source: Bittydesign

  • Jansen

    I want to get hold of this body now !!!!..I like the design. I can race at the The Netherlnds Antilles next year. ( see