JQRacing holds on to THE Yellow Edition


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JQRacing loves racing, but understands that racing does not always come cheap. They have formulated a plan to change that. JQRacing has decided to keep THE Yellow Edition buggy in their product line. This decision is aimed to lend a helping hand to club racers looking to save a buck, while still being competitive. JQRacing is now offering 299 kits of THECar Yellow Edition at $299.

JQ 299

JQRacing says, “THE Yellow Edition is a special car. It divided the R/C racing community, people either loved it or hated it, or so it seemed. This is because of the unique handling characteristics of the car. It is a very fast car, that produces fast laptimes when just cruising calmly around the track. But if you are a clubracer with a very aggressive driving style, or a world class racer, you would be pushing it beyond it’s limit. We have decided to keep the YE in our lineup, because of the people out there that absolutely love it! We have made it our mid-priced partly pre-assembled vehicle, for you, the club racer!”

Source: JQRacing