TLR releases 22-4 CVA driveshaft sets


22-4 CVA

TLR has just released their all-new front and rear CVA driveshaft sets for the 22-4 buggy. TLR reports that the team has been testing these for quite a while, and the results have been VERY positive. Ryan Maifield, Dustin Evans, and Dakotah Phend have all been using these on their summer victory tour. A CVA joint will create more natural lock up or “bind” than a universal joint. This helps to stiffen the suspension when under acceleration, which makes the car flatter and drive off harder. It also helps jump landings, when you apply some throttle (especially when you know you are casing/flat landing).

TLR says, “Along with going to the “shorty” setup on the 22-4, the CVA’s were the other huge setup change the team has made that has resulted in many wins this summer.”

Source: TLR