MIP’s new 1/5 ‘Header Lock Wire Kit’


MIP Header Pipe Holder

Ask almost any 1/5 scale owner if they have had their header pipe come off during a run, and most likely the answer will be YES! This doesn’t happen due to lack of maintenance, but rather a design that allows the bolts vibrate loose even with the application of red thread lock. As we are all aware thread lock loses its effectiveness when heat is applied, and what does an engine produce? That’s right, HEAT! This header pipe failure happened to the MIP team just one time, and they were not so impressed, so they re-engineered the bolt system that holds on the header pipe. With this oldie, but goodie, design you can rest assured that you will never hear the distinctive BAAAAAAHHHHHH sound that signifies your header pipe just came off. With the use of this product it is quite impossible for the bolts to loosen up as the other bolt will be pulled on by the wire subsequently tightening itself up.

Source: MIP