Alton is back in the game with ‘ADI’


Josh Alton ADI

After departing Team Associated in May of 2014, and Hot Bodies prior to that, design engineer guru Josh Alton has announced he is back in the game with his own brand in the R/C world; Alton Design Innovations (ADI). With 10 years of design engineering experience in the R/C industry, including the design of the 2008 1/8th scale offroad World Championship buggy, Josh Alton will bring his expertise to creating aftermarket products to the R/C community. 

Alton says, “ADI is dedicated to design and innovative products worthy of our customers. ADI’s products will adhere to the highest standards of quality and value that will be achieved through the utmost diligence and care.”

Losi_8-3_0_D-Pivot_Mounted_1024x1024 Combination_Wrench_Set_3x4_5.5x6_7x8_1024x1024 Wheel_Wrench_17_1024x1024 10034_Front_Mounted_1024x1024

Upon the official release of the new ADI company, Alton has a list of various option parts, tools, and accessories available via the official company site We are excited to see what is in store for Josh and ADI, as we expect only good things to come in the near future.