RDRP’s new Ultra Motor Distance Plates


RDRP Motor Rings

Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced the new Ultra Motor Distance Plate Set that helps to fine-tune the weight distribution of a variety of vehicles such as in-line motored offroad buggies or touring cars with transversal motor position. The shims help to shift the motor forth and back or left and right in order to optimize weight distribution without the need for additional weights. On pan cars the plates also adjust the weight balance of the rear pod if needed. Motors with ultra long shafts can be re-shimmed to avoid any contact between the shaft and the battery pack or other equipment. Coming as a set of a 1.0mm and one 2.0mm plate, both are made of black anodized and laser-etched high-quality aluminium for that factory look.

RDRP0219-A3 RDRP0219-A2 RDRP0219-A1

Source: RDRP