Champions are crowned at Thumb RC


Thumb RC Champions

Round #4 of the Thumb RC Championship Series was held this past weekend in Gagetown, MI. The event featured 9 racing classes from Novice up through 1/8 scale electric buggy. Two qualifying heats and one main event per class were run. The race capped off a four race season series at Thumb RC. Total signups for the day was 55 making it the second largest of the season.

The novice class was the largest of the year. Nine entries made it through qualifying and into the main event. Brandon Kitchen was the top qualifier after two heats. Brandon led every lap of the main event on the way to his first overall victory in his first ever race. Second overall on the day was Levi Wilkinson. Levi was followed closely by Steven Jensen who finished third. Brandon and Levi will both race with the big boys next year.


  1. Brandon Kitchen
  2. Levi Wilkinson
  3. Steven Jensen
  4. Jacob Walker
  5. Brandon Donaghy
  6. Annabelle
  7. David Binder
  8. Brandon Binder
  9. Kenny Green

Mini Scale (1-12 through 1-18)
Brad Bolzman was the only entry for the day in the mini scale class. He mixed it up with the novice drivers all day long and even finished seventh among the novice drivers with his mini car. This class is sure to grow next season as Caster Racing has been giving away mini scale cars at the races.


  1. Brad Bolzman

1/8 Scale
The 1/8 scale class featured seven racers that made it through qualifying and the main event. The top qualifier on the day was Kool-Aid. He was followed closely in qualifying by Chris Higgins, Chief and Toecutter. Once the main event started, Toecutter assumed the lead and would not relinquish it. He led every lap of the main event to take the win. A close second was Kool-Aid who was only 4 seconds behind Toecutter at the finish. Chris Higgins rounded out the podium with this Caster Racing EX-1.5R in third.


  1. Jeff Hutchinson (Toecutter)
  2. Kool-Aid
  3. Chris Higgins
  4. Chief
  5. Brad Bolzman
  6. Bob Keyes
  7. Tom Claerhout

2WD Short Course
The two wheel drive short course class was whittled down to three entries for the main event. There were several drivers who were forced out of action due to mechanical issues. Patrick DeGuise was the top qualifier and led every lap of the main event. He was shadowed throughout the main by Bryce Bischer. Bryce finished one lap behind Patrick by the finish. Third place was Dave Cribbins who ran a steady pace and finished two laps behind Patrick.


  1. Patrick DeGuise
  2. Bryce Bischer
  3. Dave Cribbins

4WD Buggy
The 4WD buggy class was a battle for the championship. The top three drivers in the points were separated by 10 points going into the main event. The winner of the main would take the series championship. However, once the main started Toecutter took control of the lead and would check out for the championship. He finished two laps ahead of 2nd place driver Chris Higgins. Third on the day would go to Bob Keyes.


  1. Jeff Hutchinson (Toecutter)
  2. Chris Higgins
  3. Bob Keyes
  4. Brandon Kitchen
  5. Stephen Martek

Open Short Course
The open short course class featured great racing for the day. It was the largest class of the day with ten drivers making it to the main event. The top qualifier was Toecutter followed by Bob Keyes and Mike Royer. Just like his other two classes, Toecutter took the early lead and checked out on the field. He finished with a one lap lead by the end. Kool-Aid finished second on the day one lap down from Toecutter. There was a good battle for third between Dave Cribbins and Bob Keyes. Bob ran either second or third for the entire race until the ninth lap when Dave was able to slip by and steal the final spot on the podium.


  1. Jeff Hutchinson (Toecutter)
  2. Kool-Aid
  3. Dave Cribbins
  4. Bob Keyes
  5. Michael Harding
  6. Levi Wilkinson
  7. Mike Royer
  8. Brandon Kitchen
  9. Chris Higgins
  10. Shawn Kish

2WD Buggy
The 2wd buggy class had the most drama of the day. The top qualifier was Bryce Bischer followed by Patrick DeGuise in second and Stephen Martek in third. Once the main started, Bryce took the lead. After the second lap, Patrick had a slight advantage but was forced out with a mechanical issue. Stephen Martek took over second place and followed Bryce for most of the main event. Bryce held a five second lead going into the final lap. However, with half a lap to go Bryce got tangled with a lapped driver that allowed Stephen to sneak by and steal the victory for the day. Bryce finished four seconds back after getting back up and going. Third on the podium went to Jacob Walker.


  1. Stephen Martek
  2. Bryce Bischer
  3. Jacob Walker
  4. Michael Harding
  5. Chief
  6. Steve Martek
  7. Patrick DeGuise

Unlimited Open
The unlimited open is open to every kind of rc vehicle. The class had 1/8 scale buggies and truggies on the day. The top qualifier was Tom Claerhout followed closely by Brad Bolzman. Bryan Buschlen qualified third in his first ever rc race. The unlimited class was a battle of Caster Racing vehicles. Tom Claerhout was able to take the win after having mechinal issues on the last lap. Luckily he had a lap lead on second place Brad Bolzman. Brian Buschlen finished third in the main.


  1. Tom Claerhout
  2. Brad Bolzman
  3. Brian Buschlen

Stadium Truck
The stadium truck class was a battle between familiar faces. Kool-Aid, Bryce Bischer and Patrick DeGuise qualified in the top three. However, once the main started Bryce passed for the lead and slowly pulled away from Kool-Aid, the top qualifier. Kool-Aid finished in third place twelve seconds back. Patrick finished on the podium in third twenty four seconds behind Bryce.


  1. Bryce Bischer
  2. Kool-Aid
  3. Patrick DeGuise

Team Race
The final race of the day was a two driver team race. Each team consisted of two drivers, one car and one remote. It was up to the team drivers to decide which car they would drive. The race was four laps with the team mates handing over the remote after each lap. Michael Harding and Kevin Beatty held the lead for nearly 3 laps before getting caught on the last lap. Kool-Aid and Chief went off course early and battled back to take the win on the last lap. They were awarded champion medals from HobbyKing for their win.


Thumb RC would like to thank the sponsors for the track and championship series Caster Racing, JConcepts, Hobby Pro USA, Robinson Racing, Pro-Line, Tower Hobbies, China Hobby Line, Roger’s Hobby Center, Hobby King, Tekin, Castle Creations and Hobbywing.