Gridworks new ‘G-Daub’ Traction Bottle


G-Daub Bottle

Gridworks Racing is pleased to introduce the new G-Daub Traction Bottle. The G-Daub traction bottles are the ultimate solution for racers who want to store their preferred traction compounds in a leakproof bottle that offers lifetime construction, rewritable labels, color coding, compound concealment and replaceable applicators. Gridworks Racing G-Daub Traction Bottles will be available for Worldwide shipping on October 14th in individual and 3 packs (Color coded).

G-Daub in Pit Box G-Daub on Tire Gridworks Racing G-Daub Traction Bottle GWR-GDTB Applicator Cap Gridworks-Racing-G-Daub-Traction-Bottle-GWR-GDTB-3-Pack-Color-Coded

Source: Gridworks Racing