XRAY double at 10th Novarossi Trophy


Novarossi Trophy

On October 4th and 5th the 10th edition of the yearly Novarossi Trophy took place at the track of “M. Rosati” in Gubbio. The race saw a huge number of participants, about 60 competitors in 1/10 and 50 in 1/8.

1/10 Nitro Touring
After 4 qualifying heats, Dario Balestri took the TQ, followed by local driver Alessio Agostinelli in second and Alessio Forte (XRAY NT1) in third place followed by team mate Mario Spiniello (XRAY NT1).

The final race was close fight and was full of emotions. Alessio Agostinelli due to technical issues started from eleventh position. After the start, Dario Balestri took the lead, followed by the XRAY duo Forte – Spiniello. At the first refueling, Balestri had a flame out and was not able to restart. Meanwhile, from behind, Daniele and Alessio Agostinelli (both local drivers) gain some distance from the rest of the field and Daniele took the lead, taking advantage of some problems of Forte and Mario during overtaking lapped drivers. After 15 minutes, the first 3 were Daniele Agostinelli, Forte Alessio and Mario Spiniello, all enclosed in 2 seconds!!!

Mario had a contact with a lapped driver and ended up in the pit lane, so he was forced to push very hard after losing precious seconds to work his way back to the front of the pack. After impressive race he managed to catch up and pass Daniele Agostinelli and put himself to second behind Forte. After Forte’s flame out Mario took the lead just a few seconds in front of Agostinelli Alessio (who made one refueling stop less).

5 laps to go, Mario had to stop for a fast refueling and came out of the pits in second position just behind Agostinelli who tried to defend his position in all ways. When there were two laps to go, Mario overtook Agostinelli down the straight, reaching well into the first position. In the last lap, Agostinelli tried an impossible overtake in the last corner, sending Mario off the track and cross the line in first position. The race direction decided to give Agostinelli 10 second penalty for incorrect overtake and so Mario could celebrate a well-deserved victory!


Final result Top 3:

  1. Mario Spiniello
  2. Alessio Agostinelli
  3. Daniele Agostinelli

1/8 Nitro Open
In the category 1/8, Mattia Rinaldi took TQ, followed by Carmine Raiola who unfortunately had an accident with slower cars in each qualification round. In the final, after the first minutes, Raiola took the lead and held the position until the end.


Final result Top 3:

  1. Carmine Raiola
  2. Marco Vanni
  3. Alberto Tedeschi

Source: XRAY