opens BD7 2015 pre-orders


AMain BD7

Yokomo’s BD7 2015 Black Edition is now available for pre-order with The popular, race-winning BD7 just got better. With a re-engineered chassis, front and rear bulkheads and new motor mount, the BD7 2015 is more stable and carries superior corner speed. Yokomo is so confident in the new BD7 2015 platform that their team drivers including, AMain’s Atsushi Hara, will be competing with the car at the upcoming IFMAR ISTC World Championships in Kissimmee, Florida.

BD7 2015 Features:

  • New carbon double-deck chassis
  • New motor mount for better torsion characteristics
  • New front and rear bulkheads affixed to cross bulkheads for adjusting chassis roll easily
  • New lightweight front spool
  • Re-engineered battery holder and weight attachment methods prevent disruption of chassis torsional characteristics. Creates equal steering from side to side.
  • New gear differential
  • Support for wider range of gear ratio configurations, allowing comprehensive compatibility with various racing regulations, such as sport, stock and modified class racing
  • Lightweight molded graphite composite materials used in the suspension arms, front/rear hubs and knuckles
  • Separate aluminum suspension mounts (front rear-side and rear front-side)
  • Front aluminum solid axle
  • Lightweight plastic cam belt tensioner
  • Standard equipped with front/rear stabilizer
  • Low-friction hard anodized shock cylinder, which reduces the internal resistance of the shocks

Not a world-class R/C racer? That’s OK: The BD7 2015 includes a plethora of lightweight components and accommodates a wide range of gear ratios for stock racers looking for every advantage.

Yokomo’s BD7 2015 Black Edition will be here before you know it, so make sure you pre-order one today with Stateside dealers who are interested in carrying the Yokomo BD7 2015 Black Edition can order directly through Swift Distributing. (