Tebo receives the greatest prize of all


Cole Tebo 2

Jared Tebo may not have won the 2014 IFMAR World Championship, but as the event came to a close he was given something far more precious than a championship trophy. Jared and his wife Megan were given the newest addition to the Tebo family, little Cole Maverick Tebo! Tebo recaps the rollercoaster ride of emotions as his son was born during his journey back home!

“I have quite a story to share. Let’s start at 12:30am Saturday night. The World Championship race was finished, the dinner banquet had ended, and I was packing my bags up in my room. I was disappointed in my 6th place finish, and my emotions were all over the place. Highs were making the final and running the whole race, low was my finish and second guessing my engine tune. High that the trip and the stress of the race was over, it was almost time to fly home. Low, the worry of travel and hoping everything was good at home. So around 1am I was finally packed and ready to go to bed.” Read more…