Hot Bodies announces the PRO 5 TC



Exciting news has made its way to our inbox today as Hot Bodies has made the official announcement of their all-new PRO 5 competition 1/10 scale 4wd touring car kit. Using its vast knowledge of competition chassis design, the HB R&D Design Team has set out to the create the next level touring car platform. While the pursuit of outright speed is still paramount, the team has also strived to create a platform that provides the driver with the ultimate level of “stability” and “flow”.

Hot Bodies says, “With today’s vast array of ultra powerful and ultra fast motors, races are becoming amazing festivals of speed with drivers continuously pushing the speed envelope beyond levels previously seen. In order to truly harness this newfound speed, drivers need to have the ultimate confidence and control in their race machines. With these goals in mind, the HB R&D Design Team determined that a complete re-think of the standard TC design was needed. utilizing the latest state of the art resources and the input of World Championship winning team driver, the Team arrived at the basic concept design of the PRO 5.

The Team then further refined this concept to achieve the ultimate goal of supreme “stability” and “flow” in a no holds barred next level top competition chassis. The resulting PRO 5 chassis affords the driver with the ultimate stability at speed coupled with the edge in being able to smoothly flow in the transition areas. The superior combination of these features makes the HB PRO 5 truly the next level in TC design and performance!”

Stay tuned for more information on the HB PRO 5 Competition 1/10th Scale 4WD Touring Car!

Source: HPI