Tekin goes brushed with new motors


Tekin Crawler Motors

Tekin’s Pro Hand Wound Brushed Crawler Motors are raising the bar with the release of the new 30 and 40 turn versions. Perfect for all aspects of rock crawling, these Pro Hand Wound motors give you the punch or the creep when and where you need it. whether crawling the rocks or hopping over them, the lower turns give an increase in wheel speed many are looking for in today’s setups. Using the same larger comm, lay-down brushes and precision balanced hand winds as our previous trail-proven pro motors, the Tekin Pro Hand Wound T- Series motors are ready to get the job done. tws_tekin_t30hw tws_t55_110613 tws_fxr_t55system_110513 fxr_t30pro_system_9292014

The HD “Heavy Duty” T-Series brushed motors, available in the same 35, 45 and 55 turn options as before with an upgraded ferrite magnet to get you wherever you want to go with authority. New looks, better performance and the same great Tekin quality you know and trust! Designed to be paired with the FX-R speed control.

Source: Tekin