REDS Racing gets ROAR Approved


REDS ROAR Approved

REDS Racing is pleased to announce today that the extensive lineup of 1/10 electric motors have been officially ROAR approved. These REDS motors are already BRCA approved, and comply with EFRA rules. This opens the door for REDS Racing to make an even stronger showing around the United States for the remainder of 2014 and beyond. 

The following motors are ROAR approved:

  • REDS VX 3.5
  • REDS VX 4.0
  • REDS VX 4.5
  • REDS VX 5.5
  • REDS VX 6.5
  • REDS VX 7.5
  • REDS VX 8.5
  • REDS VX 13.5
  • REDS VX 17.5

Source: REDS Racing