RCN Review: Factory RC ‘O-Slip!’


O Slip Review

One of the most important aspects of a setting up a car is suspension. Racers of all levels strive to find and create the smoothest and most consistent suspension possible in both onroad and offroad racing, as ‘sticky’ shocks or inconsistent suspension can ruin even the most perfectly setup car. Factory RC has introduced their new O-Slip rubber and silicone O-ring lubricant, designed for the serious racer looking for serious smooth shocks. O-Slip has been the talk of the town lately among racers of all skill levels, as it has become a hot new replacement for traditional green shock lubricants. We got our hands on some of this ‘magical lube’ to see what all the noise is about. 

O Slip Container(Nifty little container is easy to transport, stays sealed shut, and can be re-used for other small items when your O-Slip runs out.)

O-Slip is a 35 ounce container filled with a unique shock O-ring lubrication, designed to reduce ‘stiction’ and O-ring binding that prevents your shocks from working at their finest. The creators of O-Slip state, “O-Slip will not swell up your shock O-rings like other shock seal lubricants. Works on both natural rubber and silicone rubber O-rings with superior performance over the other lubes.” That is a rather bold statement by the O-Slip creators, and we decided to test it out for ourselves to see if O-Slip is truly that much better.

The O-Slip instruction sheet instructed us to cover each shock O-ring thoroughly with O-Slip, and to pack the shock cartridge area completely. We followed instructions, and generously O-Slipped our O-rings, cartridges, and cartridge area. Once we re-assembled the shock bottoms, we immediately realized that much of the excess O-Slip had pushed up into the shock body itself. Using a soft cloth we thoroughly cleaned out the inside of the shock body, and continued assembling our shock by installing the shock shaft and remaining parts.

Following Instructions
You can never have TOO much lube right?)

To test the O’Slip, we decided to rebuild three different shocks. Shock A using O-Slip, Shock B using popular other shock O-ring lubricant, and Shock C using a dab of shock oil (as many kit instruction manuals recommend).

Immediately after assembling the three shocks, it was apparent that Shock A and Shock B were considerably smoother feeling than Shock C using shock oil to lubricate. This eliminated Shock C from the competition. We then mounted up Shock A and Shock B on our vehicle (one on the left and the other on the right). We headed out to our local ROAR Regional Offroad Championship which was held on a dusty, dry, and increasingly rough outdoor track. After a full day of qualifying we removed the shocks from the vehicle to get a feel for them once again.

This time Shock A using O-Slip felt considerably smoother than Shock B using an alternate shock lubricant. We re-installed the shocks to continue the test throughout main day.

Tire Wear
(As you can see from the bald tires, and beat up ride…the shocks among all parts of the car endured grueling conditions.)

The mains provided extended length races, triple A-mains, more dust, dirt, and roughness than the shocks had seen all weekend. After all the racing was complete, we once again removed the shocks to have a feel. This time the two shocks felt very similar, with Shock B being slightly more consistent.

So what does this all mean? Our conclusion is that O-Slip shock lubricant is ideal for serious racers. O-Slip does in fact provide some of the smoothest and most consistent feeling shocks, eliminating almost all stiction. The reason we deem this for serious racers, is that our final test after main day showed that using O-Slip works phenomenal, BUT does require more constant maintenance and re-lubrication of internal shock parts than some other shock lubricants. If you are looking to rebuild your shocks once every couple of months, O-Slip is not for you. If you are looking for some of the smoothest feeling shocks in town, and are willing to keep up on shock maintenance on a more regular basis…look no further than Factory RC’s O-Slip!

Factory RC
Part Number: FTC004
Website: www.Factory-RC.com