Kraegefski the German 1/8 Champion


xray win

The 2014 German 1/8 Scale Nitro Onroad Championships took place this past weekend at the well-known Hollmoorring of the MC Munster located south of Hamburg. The 260 meter track, which hosted European Championships already, offers a challenging layout but has become bumpy over the years. A total of 78 drivers competed in the single-event German championships. The event was well organised and helped by the fact that the expected rain, thunder and lightning stayed away from the track, making it four dray days with only a slight drizzle on Saturday for a few moments. For the second year hand-out tyres were mandatory, this time 32/35 shore front/rear from Contact Tires which worked very well.

In class 2 Tom Kraegefski with his XRAY RX8 was by far the fastest driver during practice. His 5-lap summary was about 3 seconds better than the one of Maximilian Guenther in 2nd position. Tim Vogels, Philipp Roemer and Philip Kremer followed on positions 3 to 5. In the heats young Philipp Roemer was leading the ranking after four rounds and went into the hotel to prepare his car when Xray-fellow Kraegefski pushed his RX8 to the limits to secure TQ more than 5 seconds faster than Roemer. 3rd spot went to Philip Kremer in front of Maximilian Guenther and Tim Vogels.

From the 1/4-finals Christian Schnaedter, Thomas Strukletz and Michael Holla (XRAY) as well as Michael Woeste, Matthias Guenther and Joachim Kuehn made their way into the semis. Roemer won the semifinal B in front of Heiko Kube, Strukletz, Holla and Reinhard Zick who made it among the top five when Christoph Loose lost his ticket for the main race because of a broken engine only 2 minutes before the checkered flag. Maximilian Guenther was hampered by engine troubles and had to retire early. Kraegefski was the winner of the semifinal B followed by Nico Vanderwynckel, Kremer, Vogels and Bert Posem to make it three Belgians in the class 2 main.

In the class 2 main Tom Kraegefski dominated the field in the same superior style as Pietsch but with and even bigger gap to his followers. Finally the XRAY racer had a seven lap lead when he crossed the finish line after 152 laps. As in class one there was a battle for 2nd place with a total of 13 changes during the race. Heiko Kube was the first driver to hold the 2nd spot, later Philip Kremer looked as he could bring it home but his strong ride came to an end after 28 minutes. Than it was again Nico Vanderwynckel, who arrived late to the track at the morning due to some stomach issues on his 41st birthday, to take over 2nd position. He finished 2nd even he had to stop with his Serpent during his last lap. Philipp Roemer was pushed off the track right after the start, dropped from 2nd to 8th and had to pit to get his car’s body fixed. But he fought his way through the field and finally made it onto the podium, completing 145 laps as Vanderwynckel in 2nd and Tim Vogels in 4th position.

Final Results:

  1. Tom Kraegefski
  2. Nico Vanderwynckel
  3. Philipp Roemer
  4. Tim Vogels
  5. Michael Holla
  6. Reinhard Zick
  7. Heiko Kube
  8. Bert Posem
  9. Philip Kremer
  10. Thomas Strukletz

Tom Kraegefski, a regular 1/10 scale racer, became German Champion 1/8 class 2 while and Philipp Roemer as youth champion. For statistics, XRAY was the leading chassis brand with four cars followed by three Mugen and one each Serpent, Shepherd and Motonica. Three Orcan engines made it into the finale as well as two each Picco and RB and one each Sonic, O.S. and Rex.

Source: Nitro-West