O.S. introduces new Speed B2101 engine


OS Engine

O.S. continue to advance and innovate, announcing their latest powerplant – the O.S. Speed B2101 which features a square bore and stroke. The engine itself has a slightly smaller displacement than normal (3.46cc compared with the standard 3.49cc) however, OS’s frontman Junichi Shimazaki said that the engine was found to be much more controllable, with a reduction of wheelspin in the bottom-mid range of the engine.

O.S. have said that they will continue producing the hugely popular Speed 21XZ-B Spec II, the engine of choice for countless racers round the world, not the least being Atsushi Hara who takes to the track this weekend at the Italian Job Race in Italy, preparing for the Worlds next week. Expect the B2101 to be available in October, sold alone or as a combo with the O.S. T-2060SC tuned pipe.