Serpent launches the Viper 977E



Serpent has just released their new Viper 977E. This new creation is the electric powered version of the popular nitro Viper 977 1/8 scale race kit. The new car features a 5mm carbon fiber chassis and top deck, 2-belt 4wd drive system, redesigned layout to accommodate your ESC, brushless, motor, and batteries, super low center of gravity, and more. This is NOT a conversion, but instead a full kit ready for you to build, and power up!

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Key Features:

  • Carbon fiber chassis 5mm and topplate 2.5mm
  • Carbon fiber battery bolder / protectors, fully adjustable fits most 3S LIPO batteries
  • Lipo packs mount on each side off center, very low and super balanced
  • 2 belt system with 5mm belts
  • Large pulleys and ballraced belt tensioners
  • Aluminum 7075 T6 motorholder in center, easy to change motor
  • Aluminum fan-holder to mount 2 small or one larger fan
  • 14T motor pulley / 48T spur ratio
  • Viper 977 front and rear suspension and shocks
  • Race-ready weight around 2600 to 2650 grams

CLICK HERE for more details.