Josh Wheeler wins 2014 U.S. Pro Cup!


Wheeler Cash

The Dirt Racing 2014 U.S. Pro Cup came to a close at this past weekend’s Silver Dollar R/C Raceway Labor Day Shootout. The Pro Cup title came down to two drivers, Josh Wheeler and Ryan Lutz. The winner of the title would take home a smooth $5,000! In addition to the two competing for the overall title, the field was stacked with some of the west coast’s fastest offroad racers. XRAY’s Josh Wheeler would squeeze out TQ in both Pro Buggy and Pro Truggy classes, after nail biting qualifying times from Ryan Lutz, Phillip Atondo, Austin Blair, and more. 


The mains kicked off with the Pro Truggy main up first. Wheeler, Lutz, and Atondo would jump out front early, but early race troubles knocked Ryan Lutz out of the race. It was then up to Wheeler and Atondo to fight for the lead. After following Atondo for 20+ laps, Wheeler made a last minute pass to take the win with only two laps to go.


The Pro Buggy main event had everyone on the edge of their seat, as this race would decide the U.S. Pro Cup Champion and $5,000 winner. Wheeler and Lutz kicked off the race running 1-2, but more bad luck would plague the Durango of Ryan Lutz, resulting in an early retirement. From here it looked as though Wheeler would cruise to victory, but after a tire came un-glued, he was forced to make a pit stop for a tire change (something not seen in offroad). He returned to the track in 4th position, fighting his way back when ANOTHER tire came un-glued! Two more tire changing pit stops would kill anyone else’s chances of winning the race, but not the wide open Wheeler. Wheeler wheeled his way back to the front, taking the win and 2014 U.S. Pro Cup title!

Source: XRAY