XRAY sweeps the Great Lakes Challenge


Ralph Burch

The 2014 Great Lakes Challenge in Toledo Ohio had a nice turnout of 130 entries between four classes. In the 1/10 sedan class Ralph Burch and Paolo Morganti dominated the qualifying with Paolo coming out with the TQ. The final would end up being a great race all the way to the end. Paolo went with the strategy not to change tires, but Ralph went with the strategy to change tires and that would make for a very close finish. Ralph Lead most of the first half of the final and was able to put the field a lap down, until he changed tires at the halfway point of the 45 minute final. After changing tires Ralph was down by one and a half laps, and would put on a charge to run Paolo down and pass him on the next to last lap to take the victory.

The 1/8 final was very exciting for the first half of the race. Paulo was leading with Ralph in second only one second behind. Ralph came in for his tire change around the 23 minute mark and the stop went fairly smooth. A few laps later Paolo came in for his tire stop and would never make it back on the track. After Paolo went out, Ralph was never challenged again and was able to just cruise around and take the 1/8 final with his new 2014 RX8.

A positive weekend also for Mike Strack at the 2014 Great Lakes Challenge. He used Friday qualifying to focus on 1/8 open qualifying. Once he felt fairly confident he had the pace to make the main (Qualified 9th), he turned his focus on the 1/8 masters qualifying. After some set-up tips from Ralph Burch and Mike Swauger (via Text from Hawaii), he was able to set TQ for 1/8 masters with a time that was faster than his 1/8 open qualifying time. The main couldn’t have been more trouble free for Mike. From the TQ spot, he was able to set the pace and pulled out an early lead. From that point, Mike kept the gap and stayed out of trouble to the win.

Burch photo (8) (1) 10th-Top-5 8th-Top-3

1/10 Sedan Results

  1. Ralph Burch
  2. Paolo Morganti
  3. Brian Thomas
  4. DJ Apolaro
  5. Ted Hammer
  6. Chris Doseck
  7. Jamie Corrado
  8. Jeff Zuccarell
  9. Richie Torres
  10. Tony Block
  11. Uriah Murnan
  12. Scott Fisher
  13. Rafael Angulo
  14. Walter Diaz

1/8 Open Results

  1. Ralph Burch
  2. Scott Kimbrow
  3. Jason Conley
  4. Joby Uchman
  5. Mike Pulfer
  6. Jeff Zuccarell
  7. Lou Vanderway
  8. Ted Hammer
  9. Mike Strack
  10. Terry Rott
  11. Michael Palazzola
  12. Paolo Morganti

1/8 Masters Results

  1. Mike Strack
  2. Skip Starkey
  3. Joaquin Desoto
  4. Rick Davis
  5. Greg Esser
  6. Dan Louis
  7. David Lee
  8. Don Jones
  9. Art Carbonell
  10. Ron Gustin
  11. Ted Rogers
  12. Bob Block

Source: XRAY