Exotek weighs down Durango 4wd’s


Exotek Durango Rear Weight

Racers can now improve the handling of their Team Durango DEX410 or DESC410 with this Exotek Racing rear skid plate weight set. This set adds 24 grams to the rear of your chassis for added rear traction. The skid plate is also designed for minimal drag thanks to it’s angled shapes and countesunk screw which helps it from collecting dirt. Allows for direct mounting of the DESC410 rear bumper. Polished and anodised 6061 alloy. Includes countersunk hardware.

DSC_0508__58172.1409010825.1280.1280 DSC_0510__59975.1409010827.1280.1280 DSC_0507__11811.1409010824.1280.1280 DSC_0509__58380.1409011600.1280.1280

Source: Exotek Racing