Gilliland wins Irish TC National title



Round 4 of the Irish National 1/10 TC Championship was held in Craigavon, Northern Ireland. The 1/5 scale track provided some very fast and wide open racing. Windy conditions played a factor throughout qualifying, however, the gusty weather didn’t seem to bother TQ Mark Gilliland. His luck would change as the winds picked up just in time for A1, causing multiple slides and spin outs off the start. Gilliland worked his way back to the front with only minutes to spare, and would take the win. Mark continued his dominating performance by winning A2 and A3, securing the Round 4 AND championship victory!

Round 4 Top 3:

  1. Mark Gilliland
  2. Andrew Smith
  3. Graham Kenny

Championship Top 3:

  1. Mark Gilliland
  2. Alan Bickerstaff
  3. Andrew Smith

Source: XRAY