Ressar takes rainy Baltic Champs win



Peleka-Cuka Racetrack recently hosted the 2014 Baltic Championship. The event gathered some of the Baltic states best drivers to do battle on the dusty and loose surface. Qualifying was cut short due to a fast moving thunderstorm raining down on the track, leaving Hendrik Lainemäe TQ heading into the second day of racing. As the 1/8 Nitro Buggy A-Final got under way it looked as though Hendrik would have smooth sailing ahead of him, but the heavens opened up and took an already challenging track to the next level. After a mistake in the mud, Lainemäe would flame out leading the race. His misfortune was Rainer Ressar’s gain, as Rainer would take the lead and the overall win!

2014-08-17 14.12.05

1/8 Nitro Buggy Final Results:

  1. Rainer Ressar EE XRAY/Alpha/Vp-Pro
  2. Taurius Sinkevicius LT Team Associated /Novarossi
  3. Martins Steins LV TLR/Novarossi
  4. Hans Hannus EE JQ/Alpha/Vp-Pro
  5. Jaanus Saare EE TLR/OS/AKA
  6. Risto Haug EE XRAY/Novarossi/Vp-Pro
  7. Hendrik Lainemäe EE XRAY/FX/AKA
  8. Dobelis Gints LV TLR
  9. Agris Zibvulis LV TLR
  10. Robin Ilus EE TLR/JQ/AKA
  11. Kuldar Ilus EE TLR/OS/AKA
  12. Jörg Tiit EE JQ