Serpent short springs the SRX2


serpent springs

Serpent has just released their new ‘Astro Springs’ for the Spyder SRX2 series vehicles. These new springs are shorter, providing the option to run a lower ride height than the standard size springs. A lower ride height is preferred for high traction conditions such as astro-turf, as the car will be less likely to traction roll. The new springs are made of high quality spring steel, selected individually, matched, paired, and color coded.

  • 500354 Shock spring orange 1.8lbs astro (2) SRX2
  • 500355 Shock spring red 1.9lbs astro (2) SRX2
  • 500356 Shock spring pink 2.0lbs astro (2) SRX2
  • 500357 Shock spring blue 2.1lbs astro (2) SRX2
  • 500358 Shock spring purple 2.2lbs astro (2) SRX2
  • 500359 Shock spring green 2.3lbs astro (2) SRX2

Source: Serpent