MIP ‘Pucks’ a Cougar


mip schumacher

MIP has just released their new MIP Pucks Shiny Drive System for the popular Schumacher Cougar KF buggy! This particular system is new to the MIP Puck line, as it is a bi-metallic kit that features lightweight aluminum diff outputs, as well as durability tested modified steel bones and axles. Being that the original Cougar KF Diff outputs were so large and heavy that even the Schumacher factory team had holes drilled out to lighten up the diff, it only made sense to make them even lighter to help and reduce rotating mass. With the added benefit of the steel bones they will hold up to the punishment of the modified motors while taking minimal wear on the components. Overall with the MIP Puck system equipped, no longer will diff outdrives and CV bones wear simultaneously, all that is needed is to easily change MIP Pucks when necessary, and the drivetrain stays tighter, fresher, longer. This added benefit equates to less money, less time off the track for rebuilds, and keeps your vehicle more competitive.


  • Replaceable MIP Pucks to keep the drivetrain fresh
  • Lightweight diff outputs compared to OEM
  • American Grade Materials Used
  • 100% Quality Made in the USA

Source: MIP