Schelle’s B44.2 Shorty Conversion



After a month of successful testing and racing with pre-production prototypes by the Schelle team, we officially announce the release of our B44.2 Shorty Conversion, now available for pre-order!   The release date is set for August 15, 2014.

The Schelle B44.2 Shorty Conversion allows racers to convert their Schelle Aluminum Chassis B44.2 to a shorty pack 4wd configuration which sheds 80 grams of weight and turns the B44.2 into a lightweight track shredding machine.

Schelle B44 convert-16 Schelle B44 convert-19 Schelle B44 convert-21

The Schelle shorty conversion design allows for  (1) lighter weight by shedding approximately 80g of battery weight going from a saddle pack to a shorty.   Careful thought went into the component placement on the chassis which gives the car almost identical weight bias to a saddle pack car, but now in a lighter and more agile package.   The lighter weight also benefits jumping and landing, with the shocks carrying less weight on takeoffs and landings.  (2) The shorty layout is more mass centralized, with heavier components closer to the center of the car which gives the feeling of faster and more smooth rotation through the turns.

This product will be a limited edition with only 2 production batches.  The first batch of B44.2 Shorty Conversions are available for pre-order now and the second batch is reserved for dealers, distributors, and then the general public.

Schelle B44.2 Shorty Conversion features/parts:

1.    Set includes CNC blue anodized** aluminum center bulkhead and shorty pack motor mount.
2.    Set includes: New front/rear carbon fiber upper decks for shorty pack configuration. Shorty pack battery tray, carbon fiber battery strap, and blue aluminum post with thumb screw.
3.    Converts existing Schelle chassis B44.2 to the latest 4wd trend mass centralized shorty chassis layout.
4.    Some modification of existing battery tray and gearboxes is required.
5.    Includes detail step-by-step instruction manual.
6.    Upgradable to Associated front and rear gear diffs.
7.    Fits B44.2 with Schelle Aluminum Chassis only.

**Photos show un-anodized pre-production parts.