ROAR Region 5 Champs crowned at I-69


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The ROAR Region 5 Championships were hosted by I-69 Raceway in Noblesville, Indiana this past weekend. Racers from all over the region converged on the 2nd year track to battle it out for Region Champion honors.  With just over 100 entries and perfect weather for the event, the stage was set to find out who would become the champ of each class. 

Friday began as open practice, as more hopefuls arrived at the track, it quickly turned to controlled practice.  The classes offered for the event were Modified 2 & 4 Wheel Buggies, Modified Stadium Truck, Pro 4 SC, 1:8 EP Buggies & 17.5 Buggy, 17.5 SC. Practice started at 1pm and lasted until 11pm under the lights.  This allowed the racers to get a grip on the track throughout various ambient conditions.  With roughly one hour practice before qualifying would start Saturday morning racers had one last chance to fine tune their setups.

Qualifying began & the weather could not have been better.  It was mostly cloudy which allowed us to keep a baseline water in the track.  Watering was two-fold, first it allowed us to run the track in Friday, keeping it from breaking up, & it kept tire wear costs to a minimum.  The temperature and overcast skies made it possible to keep the track consistently moist all day and from heat to heat.

The competition was steep across the classes, with the ROAR title hopes bringing in some of the regions fastest hot shoes to take part in the action.  None more so than Modified Buggy which sported a D-main of the Midwest’s finest  who came to battle it out.  Qualifying was done using a 5min, 3 round qual-point format, with triple A-mains for 2 Wheel Mod Buggy & 1:8 EP Buggy.

Once the sun the lowered in the horizon the moisture began to come back up and we were able to stop watering.  At this point the track was at a point in what is commonly known as Dialed.  It remained that way for the entire round of Mains.  The racing was intense in each class with most decisions coming down to the final moments of the race.  The AAA format used for 2whl Mod and 1:8 Electric Buggy proved to be extremely entertaining with 2whl mod being won by a different driver in each of the 3 mains.  Brandon Marsh taking A1, Matt Gosch with A2 honors and JP Richards winning A3 and the Overall for Modified Buggy.  In Ebuggy Tq man Randy Cathcart romped to an A1,A2 victory leaving the chasing pack to battle for the scraps.  Brian Bourland would take the A3 win and secure 2nd overall with Chad Gillum finishing 3rd overall bumping out of the B-main.


2wd Mod Buggy                                         

  1. JP Richards
  2. Brandon Marsh (TQ)
  3. Matt Gosch

Mod 4wd

4wd Mod Buggy

  1. JP Richards
  2. Brandon Marsh
  3. Adam Rayls
  4. (TQ) Matt Gosch

Mod Truck

Mod Truck

  1. Brandon Marsh
  2. Matt Gosch
  3. Adam Rayls (TQ)


4×4 SC

  1. Randy Cathcart (TQ)
  2. Chris Cousert
  3. Brad Killion


1:8 EP Buggy

  1. Randy Cathcart (TQ)
  2. Brian Bourland
  3. Chad Gillum


2wd Mod SC

  1. Galen Mcreary (TQ)
  2. Spencer Heckert
  3. Spencer Heckert


17.5 Buggy

  1. Dax Madden (TQ)
  2. Nick Richards
  3. Preston Flint


17.5 SC

  1. Chris Prewitt
  2. Alec Sanderson (TQ)
  3. Rich Sanderson

169l i69k i69m i69n

Source: I-69 Raceway (Photos by Pitbox Hobbies)