Prototype XRAY F1 wins at Italy Challenge


xray challenge italy

The 2nd XRAY Challenge in Italy of 2014 for electric cars was held at the beautiful Livorno RC Gymnasium facilities in Livorno, Italy. The race was immediately sold out in all classes, proving its popularity on the Italian R/C scene. Some 120 drivers gathered for the two day event which saw perfect weather conditions. The track in Livorno proved to be very challenging with its banked, narrow corners and high traction. The controlled LRP G36 tire seemed to provide sufficient traction levels for all competitors. Open practice commenced on Friday. Most drivers were already present, and enjoying the atmosphere.


The formula class was dominated from start to end by Francesco Martini, running the new XRAY prototype formula car, which handled perfectly on this challenging track, where the ETS rules for the formula class was used.

The stock class was a close affair, with Marek Cerny taking the TQ, just in front of local driver Nico Catelani. In the end it was Simone Leonardi who took the win, from 7th on the grid, after some messy finals, where every final had a different winner. He wo in front of Roberto Fabiano and Marek Cerny who both were running XRAY T4 2014 cars.

In modified, qualifying was also very close, with Alexander Hagberg being able to TQ four rounds out of five, but closely followed by XRAY driver, recent ETS finalist Alessio Menicucci. Martin Hudy qualified 3rd. Hagberg was able to win the first two finals after some close fights with Alessio. Francesco Martini rounded out the podium after a great drive.

The race featured, as always, a big XRAY dinner party on Saturday night, at the official hotel, where drivers could enjoy the great local seafood as well as a lottery event. Another tombola was given on Sunday with some great prizes handed out!

Livorno (2)

Modified final result:

  1. Alexander Hagberg
  2. Alessio Menicucci
  3. Francesco Martini
  4. Martin Hudy
  5. Alessandro Ciaccheri
  6. Guido Ristori
  7. Alessio Mancini
  8. Giuseppe Di Liguori
  9. Federico Milanese
  10. Elia Modesto

Livorno (3)

Stock final result:

  1. Simone Leonardi
  2. Roberto Fabiano
  3. Marek Cerny
  4. Massimo Fabiani
  5. Mattia Collina
  6. Nico Catelani
  7. Umberto Pernice
  8. Andrea Retrivi
  9. Marco Rossi
  10. Davide Bertuzzi

Livorno (2)

Formula final result:

  1. Francesco Martini
  2. Marco Donadelli
  3. Bryan Ferrara
  4. Matteo Berlincioni
  5. Nicola Polverino
  6. Davide Federigi
  7. Christian Corticelli
  8. Nicola Pezzoti
  9. Andrea Nerone
  10. Ivano Cosentino

Source: XRAY