How long will ROAR’s Trinity D4 approval last?



Trinity has announced today that the new D4 brushless motor line has been ROAR Approved! After the highly controversial debate over the D3 series, we suspect the necessary steps to ensure a thorough and solid approval has been taken this round.

As you may recall, the widely used Trinity 17.5 D3 motor was first approved by ROAR, but later disapproved by the sanctioning body. This led to controversy crossing the globe between racers, promoters, hobby shops, and of course ROAR and Trinity. The issue was later settled when the two came to a mutual agreement of allowing the D3 17.5 to remain approved for a set length of time before removing it from the approval list.

With all of that being said, we highly doubt there will be any issues with the ROAR approval of the D4 series, and fully expect it to last the lifetime of the D4.

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Source: Trinity