The HB D8T gets Tessmann update



Ty Tessmann’s D8T has been setting the pace at tracks all over the world, and he’s put his own touches on what HPI likes to call the D8T Tessmann Edition!

Ty’s been racing the D8T with his D812 for years, and with the help of ‘Team Tessmann’ (dad Gord and mother Leann) Ty has steadily updated and refined the D8T to make it almost a whole new truck. With a huge number of racing tweaks to make it win at the highest level, Ty has made the D8T his own, and along the way has claimed major wins and A-main results with his D8T Tessmann Edition!

The original D8T was already perfectly suited for most drivers on most tracks, and Ty has taken the D8T and made it even better. The D8T Tessmann Edition is fully refined, more durable than ever, and with better grip all around.


The drivetrain has been lightened with new lightweight diffs and lightweight spur gear for quicker acceleration response, plus a new center rear CVD and longer rear CVDs get the power from the engine to the wheels more efficiently. All the CVDs feature captured pins as well as dust boots for less rebuilding time, plus extra pin holes for a longer useful racing life. A one-piece CNC engine mount holds the engine in place on the 4mm thick 7075 chassis.

The front end features billet aluminum CNC hubs and steering blocks. The hubs have hinge pin inserts for increased durability and easy geometry changes, and the steering blocks have larger bearings for smoother running and extra toughness. The steering blocks are fitted with carbon fiber steering arms, which can be swapped for a range of option arms to adjust the Ackermann for pinpoint steering. New lightweight pillow balls are also used throughout the truck to make the D8T TE more responsive than ever. Even the steering servo saver has a dust boot now to reduce maintenance requirements.


New shock towers front and rear are machined from carbon fiber, using Ty’s own suspension geometry, and longer-stroke shocks provide increased suspension travel for vastly improved grip in the corners. The shocks also feature shaft guards and boots for protection from impacts and more time between rebuilds. At the rear, the arm mounts are brand new and feature hinge pin inserts for increased durability and easy geometry changes. The rear hubs are also new, machined from billet aluminum and featuring hinge pin inserts. Sway bars front and rear help cornering on high-speed tracks.

The truck is topped with Ty’s body of choice: the Pro-Line Bulldog, an aggressively styled, cab-forward racing body. Upgrade R/C provides the Vortex racing wing that is fitted at the rear to add even more style and downforce.

HPI says, “These changes arent simple updates that involve tossing in something from the parts bin – the D8T Tessmann Edition is crammed full of brand new parts that were designed especially for this truck. With a focus on performance, reliability and speed, the new D8T Tessmann Edition is a racing kit designed to do one thing: win.”

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  • Championship-winning HB D8T truggy developed by Ty Tessmann
  • CF shock towers with Ty Tessmann-developed suspension geometry
  • Aluminum front hub carriers and caster blocks
  • New rear arm mounts with hinge pin inserts
  • CNC aluminum front and rear hubs with hinge pin inserts
  • CNC aluminum steering blocks with larger bearings
  • Adjustable Ackermann via replaceable CF steering block arms
  • Longer stroke 16mm Big Bore shocks for increased suspension travel
  • Lightweight aluminum pivot balls throughout
  • CNC aluminum one-piece engine mount
  • Lightweight diffs and spur gear
  • Servo saver dust boot protector
  • Captured CVD pins with CVD boots and multiple pin holes
  • Longer rear CVD bones
  • Revised center rear CVD
  • Lightweight aluminum CVD axles
  • 150cc fuel tank with clunk
  • Pro-Line Bulldog body
  • Upgrade R/C Vortex Wing

Source: HPI Racing