Hellquist takes Norwegian National title


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The Norwegian National Championship was held in Oslo recently, with racers traveling from surrounding areas to take their shot at the crown in 1/10 scale and 1/8 scale onroad classes.


After 4 rounds of qualifying in the nitro classes Lars Haugen managed to get the TQ spot in 1/8 scale, followed by Bengt Andersson in 2nd, and Christofer Hedlund in 3rd. In 1/10 Nitro Touring, Andreas Husman managed to claim the TQ just 0.6 seconds ahead of Frank Andersen in 2nd. Oyvind Stusdal completed the top 3. It was set to be an exciting set of finals in both classes.

The first minutes of the 1/8 final was quite messy with a lot of positions being switched everywhere, but after the first few minutes, the front row stabilized. The fight for the lead was between Martin Christensen, Stig Berntsen, Markus Hellquist and Lars Haugen, who stayed on the same lap for over 20 minutes, until Martin had to retire from the race. In the end Markus Hellquist managed to secure the victory 6 seconds ahead of Lars Haugen, with Stig Berntsen in third a couple of laps behind after stopping half a minute before the finish.

1. Markus Hellquist, Sweden
2. Lars Haugen, Norway
3. Stig Berntsen, Norway
4. Stefan Andersson, Sweden
5. Per-Ola H?rd, Sweden
6. Anders Lind, Denmark
7. Hans Lyxell, Sweden
8. Martin Christensen, Denmark
9. Christofer Hedlund, Sweden
10. Karl Ullenius, Sweden

In 1:10th Frank Andersen managed to pass Anderas Husmanon the second lap. Frank Andersen and Andreas Husman were both struck by some issues before the first fuel stop Oyvind Stusdal took over the lead, but he would later have to retire from the race. It was then back to Frank Andersen to regain the lead. He was un-threatened for the rest of the race, and was able to cruise to the win ahead of second place of Andreas Husman and José Castro in third.

1. Frank Andersen, Norway
2. Andreas Husman, Sweden
3. José Castro, Sweden
4. Lars Stub-Holm, Denmark
5. Mickael Brandt, Sweden
6. Philip Virgin, Sweden
7. Andreas Böök, Sweden
8. Erika Hellquist, Sweden
9. Ronnie Pettersson, Sweden
10. Oyvind Stusdal, Norway

Source: XRAY