Team Associated discontinues the B44.2



It seems as though there is all sorts of discontinuing of products taking place around the industry this week, as Team Associated has now joined the club by discontinuing their B44.2 1/10 4wd buggy. If this were a less popular model from AE, we would say it might be gone for good…but common sense says otherwise. The major question now is what’s next?


The B44 platform has been a race winning machine from day one. Over the years it has received multiple “makeovers” and updates (B44.1 followed by the B44.2). IF we had to GUESS, the B44.2 will be replaced by something a little more elaborate than just and makeover. Perhaps an entirely new car with an aluminum chassis (seen on several AE drivers B44.2 vehicles already)? Maybe updated parts and geometry seen on the B5’s? What about multiple battery configuration options to join the latest releases such as the Hot Bodies D413?

So many questions, so little details. Stay tuned as we work to find out more from Team Associated!