Weight loss plan for the B-MAX4 III


Lightweight CHassis kit

Is your B-MAX4 III feeling bloated and over weight? Introducing the new Team Yokomo Lighweight Chassis Conversion diet plan…guaranteed to shed that unwanted weight with no additional exercise in just minutes!

Yokomo has announced a Lightweight Chassis Conversion Kit for the B-MAX4 III, which improves the stability of the already stable offroad racing platform, to allow setups to optimize for driving on high-traction surfaces such as carpet and artificial turf. A weight reduction of over 15% of the chassis has been achieved by applying a precision milling process on the hard, high-grade aluminum material.

The milling process also improves the flexibility of the chassis. By the using a newly-supported short LiPo battery configuration, the overall weight can be further reduced, and the weight balance can be improved to achieve dramatically better handling characteristics on high-traction surfaces.


Those using a saddle pack LiPo configuration can also enjoy the improvements over the original chassis, as the the flexing characteristics of the new lightweight chassis gives a higher degree of stability, leading to better handling on dirt tracks.


The lightweight chassis conversion kit will be available in mid-July.

Source: Yokomo